Drone Mapping Training Package

Our UAS Services team has mapped 500,000+ acres since 2016, building a streamlined and accomplished drone program that provides services to land surveyors across the United States. Over two days, with our drone survey training package, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start flying drones so you can produce survey-grade mapping with 1.2-inch accuracy.

What's Included in Your Package

Our turnkey training includes everything you need to get started with drone surveying to save time and money on mapping.

Drone and Equipment

We have determined that the most cost effective drone for land surveyors is the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0. Our package includes:

  • One (1) drone
  • Two (2) extra batteries
  • Tablet with flight software
  • Rugged hard case for transporting your gear

Part 107 Online Training Course

We have partnered with a top online training course (Remote Pilot Ground School) to help you get your FAA drone pilot license.

This online course is video-based and has more than 300 practice questions. The course boasts a 99% pass rate among students.

Pilot Training

Never flown a drone before? No problem! On day one of the training, you’ll get intensive instruction with one of our flight instructors. You’ll go through drone setup, flight walk-through, autonomous flight modes, and handling emergency situations.

Drone Surveying Training

On day two of our in-person training, our flight instructor covers everything you’ll need to efficiently collect aerial data, including setting up ground control and mission planning.

Standard Operating Procedures

When utilizing drones, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) will ensure safe, legal, accurate, and repeatable operations.

Our team has created easy-to-follow checklists and SOPs to ensure your drone surveying goes smoothly and efficiently.

Drone Hull and Liability Insurance

Having insurance coverage for your drone is essential to mitigate risks in the field. Most general liability insurance policies have an “aviation exemption,” which means a separate UAV policy is needed in the rare occasion of a crash.
We have worked with a specialist to provide you with $1 million in UAV liability insurance and full hull coverage on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drone.

Technical Support

Our team wants to see your drone surveying program “take-off,” so we’ll be there for you after our two-day hands on training in your city.

Straight from the Expert

“I like providing education services to clients because it empowers them to begin applying this new and exciting drone technology to find new opportunities in their jobs and save money and increase efficiency and safety. Our experience in setting up our own internal drone program and mapping over 500,000 acres provides us the background to help teach clients the nuances that will help you scale up your drone surveying operations.”

-Dustin Gaessner, UAS Services Specialist

Ready to launch your drone mapping program?