Preserve Wetlands Restoration Project Completed

Dudek’s habitat restoration specialists provided environmental services to help the City of Carlsbad design, permit and construct its new scenic Lake Calavera Preserve boardwalk trails and wetland restoration.

Over 900 feet of above-ground boardwalks offer a much better way to cross creek while protecting fragile plants and adding a half acre of new wetlands to the preserve. (Watch the video)

The restoration team conducted site assessments, prepared the conceptual mitigation plan, assisted the city with resource agency permitting, and produced final revegetation construction documents for the boardwalk construction.

They designed new wetland mitigation and enhancement areas, prepared boardwalk construction plans and details, as well as planting plans, irrigation plans, details, notes and specifications. They also prepared final construction documents and cost estimates to assist the city of Carlsbad with the bidding and construction of the project.