New Solar Project Compliance Monitoring

Dudek is providing environmental construction compliance services for First Solar’s Solar Gen 2 project that broke ground September 18 in Imperial County.

When completed in July, Solar Gen 2 will provide renewable energy to power approximately 60,000 California homes.As environmental compliance manager, Dudek is responsible for ensuring that environmental commitments included in the regulatory permits are adhered to throughout day-to-day construction. This can range from managing biological resources, stormwater quality, and ensuring dust emissions remain in compliance with Imperial County thresholds.

To ensure compliance, Dudek has developed a sophisticated range of reporting tools that allows environmental compliance monitors to collect and share information in the field with the First Solar construction and management team in real time.

“The ability to share information from the field with the management team in real time has ensured environmental resources are managed in accordance with environmental commitments while allowing construction activities to proceed according to schedule,” said Keith Carwana, the Dudek environmental compliance manager at the Solar Gen 2 project.

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