Custom Mobile GIS App Improves Urban Forest Management

Dudek’s urban forestry practice manager Michael Huff explains how a real-time mobile GIS app makes managing urban forests more efficient and cost-effective.

Gathering and distributing GIS field data traditionally has been a complex, lengthy and manual process. Now, Dudek urban foresters use a custom-built real-time mobile data management application to collect data more accurately and in less time; instantly stream field data to any Web-connected device for real-time project updating; and provide non-GIS staffers the ability to leverage GIS systems.

“Whether the urban forest is a city’s tree inventory or a private commercial development landscaping, trees represent a substantial financial and aesthetic investment,” Huff said. “Combining forms-based mobile data collection with mobile GIS capabilities makes it faster and easier to comprehensively document the types and conditions of trees, attach photos and voice memos, and perform GIS mapping. The disparate data sets are integrated into a single database to manage maintenance, anticipate issues, and analyze needs.”

For more information, contact Michael Huff, RCA.