Joe Monaco Speaking at White House Water Innovation Conference

Joe Monaco will speak about the ‘soft costs’ associated with the environmental permitting and mitigation of water infrastructure at the White House Roundtable on Water Innovation in Washington, D.C. on December 15.

Joe Monaco

Monaco, Dudek’s vice-president for environmental services, is a nationally recognized expert on the environmental permitting of seawater desalination plants.

He led the environmental permitting for the Carlsbad Desalination Plant, the Western Hemisphere’s largest operational seawater desal facility, and is currently working on proposed seawater desal facilities in Huntington Beach, Santa Barbara, and Monterey. He has 28 years’ experience as an environmental planner and has focused much of his career on regional water resource development and habitat conservation planning.

The White House conference is led by Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell. The roundtable will bring together water leaders from throughout the United States to discuss stretching current water supplies further and advancing technologies to enable cost-effective supplies of clean water from non-traditional sources such as groundwater, brackish, and seawater.