Four Environmental Restoration Projects Win Awards

The Association of Environmental Professionals (AEP) and the American Public Works Association (APWA) recognized four environmental restoration projects for excellence that Dudek performed for the City of Carlsbad and Lakeside River Park Conservancy.

AEP recognized our work preparing enviornmental technical studies for the City of San Diego’s Pure Water Program (PWP) programmatic environmental impact report (PEIR). As one of the largest and most ambitious water recycling programs in the nation, the 20-year PWP seeks to produce 83 million gallons per day of potable recycled water through the design and construction of new advanced water purification facilities, wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations, and pipelines, as well as upgrades to existing facilities.

APWA recognized the following projects for excellence:

Our design of biotechnical revegetation treatments for slope rehabilitation and erosion control for the City of Carlsbad’s Agua Hedionda Creek Streambank Restoration. Dudek provided design assistance and prepared landscape architecture construction documents. HRS conducted the preliminary engineering design in collaboration with the City and is currently providing adaptive management plan services.

For our role as construction manager on a major drain replacement project for the City of Carlsbad. The project involved clearing and recontouring an existing dirt access road leading from a cul-de-sac to a storm drain site that was overgrown with predominantly non-native vegetation; replacing an existing deteriorated storm drainpipe extending off a vegetated slope; and identifying a long-term solution to correct erosive slope conditions that resulted from the corroded pipe.

For providing habitat restoration design to the Lakeside River Park Conservancy (LRPC) for an integrated flood control, habitat restoration, and groundwater recharge project adjacent to the San Diego River in the community of Lakeside. Dudek worked closely with LRPC to conceptually plan and design the habitat restoration of the 80-acre site that included a 45-acre pond. The project site was previously a sand and gravel mine that was reclaimed and restored.