Construction Management for New Safety Center

The City of Carlsbad opened its new Safety Training Center to provide city police, fire, utility workers and other first responders with local access to important emergency training. Dudek provided construction management on the $16.5 million facility.

The center is designed to provide a wide variety of realistic training scenarios and includes a five-story commercial style tower, a two story house, two indoor shooting ranges, a streetscape, and classrooms. The commercial tower can simulate a hotel, apartment building and a live-work space. It has moveable walls and a mock elevator.

“Just about anything we run into in the real world, we’ll have the ability to re-create in these buildings,” said Carlsbad Police Capt. Bill Rowland.

Dudek’s construction management team specializes in municipal projects. Other City of Carlsbad projects that Dudek has provided construction management services for include the city’s municipal 18-hole golf course, an award-winning fire station, and major expansion of a cross-town arterial road. All of the projects were built adjacent to sensitive areas with native habitat.