California Seawater Desal Environmental Permitting

Water Desalination Report, a leading newsletter for the global desalination industry, featured Dudek’s Joe Monaco on the complexity of securing environmental permits for seawater desalination facilities in California.

In “California: Permitting Morass Explained,” Monaco details the numerous local, state and federal permits and related approvals and comments involved in reviewing and issuing permits for these projects.

The state’s legislature is considering a a bill to streamline and reduce redundant processes while maintaining existing environmental regulations for seawater desalination facilities.

“In some cases, the same rules are evaluated differently by different agencies, and the results are often dramatically different,” said Monaco, a board member of CalDesal, an advocacy group supporting the bill. “We’re following the proposed streamlining and standardization of California’s permitting process very closely.”

Since 2003, Monaco has served as the lead environmental consultant on the Carlsbad, CA seawater desalination project, the largest approved project in the Western Hemisphere. He currently is involved in permitting activities for proposed desal projects at Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and a cross-border facility in Mexico’s Baja peninsula.

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